Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Destination: Foxburg, Pennsylvania

What an inspiring small town Foxburg, PA is.  It's a tiny town, but what a gem it is.  My fiancé planned a weekend getaway for my birthday (what a sweet guy!) and I have to admit if you're the type that likes to take weekend trips like we do, you won't be disappointed if you visit this place.  It's nestled away in the hills of Pennsylvania and sits right on the Allegheny River.  When we arrived this past Saturday they were having a Maple Syrup Festival.  There were a bunch of various musicians, chainsaw carving, free samples of maple syrups, food vendors, and of course, there's the Foxburg Wine Cellar.  We were just kind of wingin' it.  We hadn't made reservations for a hotel nor did we have any set agenda (okay, I take it back because wine cellar was our whole point of going to Foxburg!), so after walking around the festival for a while, we checked out the Foxburg Inn to see if they had any available rooms.

Luckily, there was a room available.  I was pleased with how clean and charming our hotel room was, so we unpacked our bags and headed back out to the wine cellar.  Oh yes, and like I said, this town is small, and everything is within walking distance, so upon making our way around the inn, I realized just how much work they put into the area.  Here's a few pictures of just the landscaping around the hotel. 

We wandered over to the wine cellar, and talk about a massive wine list!.  I prefer the sweeter type of wines, but when you walk up to the bar you can sample as many types as you want.  After spending an hour and half browsing around, enjoying the guitarist inside the wine cellar and tasting an undisclosed number of wines, we walked out of there with a case of wine. (Raspberry Blush, Concord, Cran Grape, Plum Crazy, and Riverstone Red were a few of my favorites). 

It was a cold, chilly Saturday.  I was somewhat worn out (okay, maybe a little tipsy), and we had a couple of choices for dinner.  We could have either went to the Allegheny Grille, or grab a pizza for at the Foxburg Pizza and Country Store.  After walking around in unpredictable 40 degree weather, I was ready to relax, so the restaurant was out and pizza we ordered in.  I have to tell you I was surprised yet again.  It was some of the best pizza I've ever had.

With a fun filled afternoon and evening, we spent the remainder of the day on the deck with a great view of the river and later in our cozy room.

The next morning we indulged in walking around town one more time before we checked out and headed back home.  For a relaxing getaway with beautiful scenery, Foxburg, Pennsylvania is definitely at the top of our list to visit once more. 

Oh yeah, and to buy more of their wine!

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