Monday, May 14, 2012

Craft Night Field Trip: Fancy Gap, VA

I'm so excited about a four day work week this week.  Wednesday night at craft night we'll be discussing our seven hour drive to, and one-night stay in Fancy Gap, Virginia.  We're leaving Friday afternoon and plan on being back Saturday evening.

What's in Fancy Gap, you ask?  A huge pottery outlet!  But it's not all pottery; they have a ton of different fabrics and craft supplies.  From the pictures I've seen on their website, the place looks enormous.  Some ladies save up their money for that pair of fancy shoes or expensive handbags, and there's nothing wrong with that!  We at Country Crafters though, will pretty much show up in our work boots if it means being able to buy a significant amount of supplies to make various crafts to sell at upcoming craft shows.  There are also a few other antique and primitive craft shops (great places to gather ideas!) that I'd like to check out if we have enough time.  I'll admit, this is a short trip with a long drive, but what I look forward to the most is the ride down there with the ladies.  I already know there will be a great deal of laughter and goofiness (somehow when we get together something odd generally happens), and continuing on building our friendship and creating memories means more to me than anything money can buy.  Pictures to follow!

Just a couple of updates on the recent posts:  I have bought the ingredients to make the spring tonic and baked chicken and rhubarb recipe on the "Rhubarb" post and will make the recipes at some point next week.  On the "Craft Night Tonight" post, I did manage to finish that wreath and turned out to be a lovely mother's day gift (see picture below)!  Happy Mother's Day yesterday to the moms out there of all kinds!