Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have to admit.  I'm pretty excited about it.  Last week I was sick, so I missed out on our usual Wednesday night craft night (see my original post "Crafting at the Round Table").  I have so many unfinished projects with so little time on my hands (but that's normal for me anyway). 

Therefore, tonight - I'm coming prepared. 

I have to, HAVE TO,  finish a wreath for my future mother in law for Mother's Day.  So I'm bringing that with me.  It's mostly complete, but I just finish gluing and wiring the flowers to the wreath.  The wreath I've made for my fiance's father's grave is  all ready, just a final touch with a bow would be nice, but requires a trip to the craft store as my ribbon stock (yet again) is running low.

We also need to discuss our website:  What we want to sell, the look and feel of the website, categories, newsletters, sales, contests, and/or give aways.  Who out of the four of us, is going to do what, when, and how.  We've already decided a domain name and a web hosting service, so that's one big initial part that is out of the way.

We aren't looking to get rich, but it would be super nice to be able to fund our crafting addictions!

As always, I love input from my readers.  I would love if you were to grow right along with us!  Please comment below on any ideas you may have regarding the website or crafts.  Endless minds are way better than one!

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