Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plantin' Party

I'm tired this morning.  Okay, beyond tired.  But it's well worth it.  The planting party has started.

I get so excited when it comes time to plant the garden over at mom's (she has the space and equipment to plant a large garden) and somehow we just can't fathom the thought of a small veggie patch.  All of our projects are big and I'm so used to it now, I pretty much like keeping it that way. 

Our veggie line-up from my Green Thumb Fever post has changed slightly.  Last night we planted peppers (hot and sweet), tomatoes (Heinz), cantaloupe, butternut squash, cucumbers, zucchini, Casper (white) pumpkins, assorted gourds,  and Cinderella pumpkins. 

Cinderella Pumpkin -

Soon we'll finish with with carrots, beats, a larger variety of pumpkins, Indian corn, and sweet corn.  We do buy a certain type of sweet corn.  It's called Illini.  The seeds aren't exactly cheap and can be difficult to find, but we've had really good results with that type over the years.  Aside from having the pleasure of walking right out to the garden to get corn that you know is  going to be delicious - you can only eat so much of it, we'll also freeze it. 

Illini -

I can't wait to do a post about how we prepare it for freezing.  It's relatively simple, and I'll give you a hint:  since we pick so much of it at once (remember, large projects), we utilize our turkey deep fryer.  The deep fryer comes with an enormous  stock pot (the pressure canner and cold pack canner also  sit perfectly on the burner's frame).  We'll boil the corn all at once if we can (outside on the deck, of course), let it cool enough to handle it by hand, and run it over a corn cutter that sits over another pot.  Scoop into freezer bags, and DONE.  I'll be sure to take pictures when we do this.  I can't begin to explain the difference between the frozen corn from the garden versus what's on the store shelf in a can, especially during the winter months.  I can barely stand store-bought canned corn anymore.  You may think I'm spoiled, but after all the work of getting that corn in the first place, I say I'm far from it.

As soon as the remaining seeds are purchased, the planting party will be over.......

Then the weeding party begins!

P.S.  Tonight is craft night.  Can't wait to get started with my new supplies from Fancy Gap!

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