Thursday, April 26, 2012


Here's one craft I've made for springtime. I have a hard time with spring things.  I don't care for artificial flowers.  I prefer neutral or natural colors, so I definitely have issues with those bold colors (okay, it down right reminds me of the folks who stick artificial flowers in the ground OUTSIDE, and like any flower in a craft store, artificials can seriously cause a bad case of buyers remorse!).  But what I did do was find some dried flowers, rusty bells, inseams from old blue jeans (those are my old blue jean upcycled flowers on the wooded skewers wrapped with floral tape)  floral foam, and some pretty containers to put them in.  Oh yes, hot glue and hair spray.  Why hairspray, you ask?  Spraying on dried floral arrangements keeps  the small bits from falling off as they're fragile. How much would I sell this for?  Just $20.00 bucks.  Contact me if you're interested!  (Website for selling our country craftings coming SOON)

Crafting At The Round Table


I have some really wonderful friends and family, but as an introduction for my blog and other related posts, I have to mention three great women. And yes, we craft at the round table.

It's just the four of us.  Janie, Jill, my mom Paula, and I.  We decided over a year ago that we'd like to meet Wednesday nights and make crafts (okay sometimes it turns into waxing facial hair, sampling homemade brandy, or taking like what we like to call "Craft Night Field Trips").  The best part?  The friendship, the talking, the laughing.  We all live within one square mile of each other, and over the course of the year we've become even closer. 

But seriously though, we do make crafts of all sorts and like to sell them at various craft shows. We often have a theme - we all like primitive and/or country type and upcycling crafts, but we don't abide by a strict set of rules.  My mom is amazing at making homemade all natural soap, and can come up with some of the most creative ideas when it comes to upcycling denim.  Jill is a library of ideas and I know I can always pick her brain when I am standing at the craft store staring at supplies with a dull, blank look.  Janie is absolutely talented when it comes to painting.  None of these girls would admit how talented they are, and I know I could go on and on (hence the blog thank goodness or this would be a neverending post) about ideas and crafts and events we'll be selling our crafts at.

So it's our friendship and crafting at the round table right in New Springfield, Ohio  I look forward to every Wednesday night.  I feel so fortunate to know such great people, and it's really a great time.  I wish everyone could get into something like this!